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Introducing new age food in………………………………………cones!!
  AMAZING CONES is a trilogy of "food on the run", developed to answer a customer’s need to eat and go, without the hassle of dripping and spilling food on oneself or everywhere else.

AMAZING CONES is made up of: gourmet pizza cones, soft serve ice cream, and flavored ice.

the triumvirates make up the food products that will be offered in all AMAZING CONES’ food outlets
     that will be established and operated throughout the country.
AMAZING CONES’ food kiosks will be serving a wide variety of delicious new flavors for its Amazing
     Pizza Cones, Amazing ice, and Amazing swirls, guaranteed to delight the palate of all of its patrons.



  AMAZING CONE "Pizza in a cone"

imagine..... a savory, crispy, cone shaped pizza crust, flavor packed with all the ingredients you love in a regular pizza! ummmmm.....yummy!!!!!!

each crust is formulated to be malleable enough to be shaped as a cone, yet hard enough not to crack when baked.

filled with natural ingredients from top to bottom and topped with a hefty amount of mozzarella cheese, each cone will definitely satisfy big appetites!

and the best part? Amazing cones is drip free, mess free, and conveniently handy for those who like to enjoy their pizza while walking, shopping, working, watching a movie or even while driving a car!!!!!


crunchi crème - soft serve ice cream, blended with your favorite choice confections like chocolate droplets, mocha cappuccino crunch, rainbow sprinkles, reese's pieces, cookies and creme, etc., thru a one step revolutionary process.

kool twist - a soft serve ice cream, flavor coated at the edge of its swirls with colorful choice selections of chocolate, butter pecan, bubble gum, pistachio nut, strawberry, green apple, purple grape, etc.


this refreshing approach to the crushed ice dessert gives a twist to filipino concocted drinks such as the buko lychee, buko pandan, black gulaman and mais con jielo.

a truly refreshing treat from the sweltering heat!

experience an AMAZING way to enjoy pizza...

you may be used to eating pizza as a square, a triangle, or a small circle. but now, new age food concepts, inc. introduces a new shape that goes well for people on the go! as another way of reintroducing "wraps", new age food concepts, inc. presents a new way to enjoy pizza!

we bring you Amazing cones pizza-in-a-cone. imagine a savory cone crust with the type of fillings you love in pizza. we stuff each cone with choice ingredients, all the familiar taste of a pizza but shaped like a cone. you get a whole lot of flavor packed inside. the crust is formulated to be shaped as a cone while capable of being sealed at its tip. when heated, it doesn't crack or become soft. and the best part? its totally drip-free. with the lower tip sealed and the pizza topped with mozzarella, you have a pizza that's not only mess-free, it's practically handy! Amazing cones pizza-in-a-cone is jam packed with flavor from top to bottom. filled with natural ingredients, each cone will definitely satisfy those with hefty appetites. when you need to reheat it, just pop it in the microwave and it tastes as fresh as you first bought it. crispy and savory, Amazing cones are baked in a patented design oven. what's really amazing about it is that you can microwave the cones in the oven and they never loose their crispiness.

but the flavor doesn't stop with pizza. soon we will have other fillings in store. these includes pies, fajitas, breakfast cones and a parade of new flavors coming to you in the coming months.

pizza-in-a-cone, new age foods concepts, inc. will also be introducing the soft ice cream with flavor bits called Amazing swirl and Amazing ice- granitas using popular filipino desserts.

Corporate Profile

new age food concepts, incorporated ("NEW AGE") is a corporation organized and existing in accordance with philippine laws with principal office at #11 doña hemady street, new manila quezon city, philippines

new age was established for the principal purpose of introducing innovative food products in the highly competitive philippine market. the company aims to provide filipinos and asians alike with novel food items that best suit their fast paced lifestyle.

As its maiden project,new age introduces "AMAZING CONES" Pizza in a Cone, which is a first of its kind in Asia. Completing the company's trilogy of food-on-the-go are "AMAZING SWIRLS" (soft serve ice cream) and "AMAZING ICE" (crushed ice filipino desserts).

2007 ® Amazing Cones